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Remote for Luminara® Flameless Candles

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Easily turn your Luminara® candles on or off with this remote for Luminara® flameless candles. One remote will control all your remote ready Luminara® candles. Each remote comes in its own clamshell package.

  • Compatible with most Luminara indoor and outdoor candles
  • Works with most Luminara pillars, tapers, and lanterns.
  • Requires (1) CR2025 battery (included) 
  • Active range for remote to function is up to 15 feet
  • Luminara candle must be switched to the ON position for the remote to function 



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  • Is the timer set through the remote? I want to use the timer but don\'t care about the remote.

    No. The timer must be set using the button on the bottom of the candle.

  • What is the furthest distance that the remote will work? I bought 7 outdoor candles and plan to hang them in lanterns in my trees around the patio.

    15 feet, although some people have reported them working as far as 30 feet away.

  • The remote will not work.

    Make sure the candle had good batteries and is switched to the "on" position. Also check to make sure the plastic tab protecting the remote's battery has been removed so it will turn the candle on and off. If it still does not work, the remote's battery may need replacing.

  • Are all luminara candles remote ready? I threw box away. I have three and love them but use timer.

    No. Some of the older Luminara candles, especially the window tapers, are not remote compatible. 

  • Can this remote operate multiple candles?

    Yes. This remote will operate any remote compatible Luminara candle.

  • Will the remote work if the candle is in a hurricane glass shade?

    Yes, it will!